TotalExam 3 Camera

TotalExam 3 Camera
TotalExam 3 Camera

The TotalExam 3 camera combines excellent HD image quality, intuitive design and versatility to take your telemedicine imagery needs to a new level of high definition imagery. The TotalExam 3 camera has interchangeable attachments and accessories, allowing a wide variety of medical evidence collection applications in fields such as teledermatology, ophthalmology, and family medicine.

The TotalExam 3 camera delivers crisp, clear HD images, using an 8-LED carousel, with white balance and adjustable brightness. TotalExam 3 provides smooth video with 60 frames per second, and the clearest still image using count back freeze frame analysis.

The intuitive ergonomic design includes a pivoting head and instinctive button locations, making it easier to capture hard-to-reach images.

USB 3.0 connectivity makes the TotalExam 3 camera a true plug-and-play general examination camera, compatible with laptops, tablets, and telemedicine stations.


Camera Body: 214mm x 33mm
Autofocus Head: 38mm x 33mm
Otoscope Head: 60mm x 33mm

Weight of Camera Body

~10 oz

Focus Type


Snapshot Size

1 Megapixel

Captured Video Resolution

1280 x 720p

Captured Frame Rate

Up to 60 frames per second


USB 3.0

Integrated Freeze Frame

Push-button (selects the clearest frame of the last
16 frames)

White Balance



 Autofocus Head: 8 LEDs
Otoscope Head: 2 LEDs

Operating Temperature

0° – 42° C (32°-107°F)

Operating Humidity

Less than 90%

Power Usage

Less than 4W

Voltage Usage

~ 0.800 mA @5 VDC using USB 3.0 only

Aspect Ratio


Lens (Aperture) 

f:3.0 M12 650nM IR filter
f:18.0 FOV: r= 10mm DOF: 12mm – 14mm


A complete TotalExam 3 kit includes the following:


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