The traditional process of medical treatment which patients have to meet healthcare professionals face-to-face at the medical facilities takes a lot of time time. And sometimes, it cannot handle emergency situations. On the other hand, the overcrowding at central hospitals when people focus on big cities for medical services is also a painful problem in society. To solve that problem, we provide customers with a comprehensive telemedicine solution to implement remote examination, treatment and monitoring services with the most advanced technologies and many outstanding utilities.

HOANG PHUC THANH is the authorized distributor in Vietnam of GlobalMed - the leading American brand in the field of telemedicine. GlobalMed products are fully certified by FDA and meet HIPAA security standards. GlobalMed is the telemedicine provider for the White House and the Veterans Affairs in US. Their products are now present in more than 60 countries around the world.

Our solutions include:


Powerful Software Designed to Simplify Virtual Visits.


Software2_2                        Software_1


Virtual consults require powerful, easy-to-use software. Our software was designed to be flexible, so you can follow your own workflow and documentation requirements. Our robust feature set also includes scheduling, patient eligibility, payments, ICD-10 codes, mobile messaging and more. It’s never been easier for providers to acquire patients, set pricing, bill for services, and offer video, phone, in-home or office consultations. Patients choose how and when they see their service provider, from anywhere around the world.


Telemedicine stations


CAS-1Bin2Mon_2                   CAS_Lite_2                TES_2                     TEB_1


As an ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified manufacturer, we design and build solutions with the utmost quality and precision. From carts to space-saving wall mounted units to mobile hard-cases and backpacks, we have the hardware you need to provide telehealth services. Our telemedicine medical stations allow visits to be safe and secure no matter where they take place. With integrated video conferencing software and connected medical devices on all equipment, you can deliver quality healthcare any time, anywhere.


Integrated devices



TotalECG_2            TotalVitals-_1                 3mtm-littmannr-electronic-stethoscope-model-3200bk_3       TE3.1_1


Enabling over 55 modalities of virtual telemedicine, our integrated devices provide the data and evidence you need to drive clinically sound healthcare decisions. From gathering vitals with stethoscopes and otoscopes to capturing images of the skin, eyes, ears and other areas, you can obtain almost every kind of examination data. Our multi-functional cameras are best-in-class, providing high-quality live video and still images. For additional convenience and power, our examination cameras are compatible with other devices and examination stations. You can mount our integrated devices for easy accessibility without the hassle of cords and leads.