Designed with simplicity, portability and accuracy in mind, the TotalECG system empowers providers to extends their cardiac care beyond traditional methodologies. The TotalECG is a resting ECG device incorporating a wireless 12-Lead ECG system, Windows-based CardioVu software using the Glasgow 12-lead ECG analysis program, and a compact ECG acquisition device.

Wireless and cordless, the TotalECG device is hooked up to a patient and ECG data is wirelessly streamed from the patient to the computer running the analysis software.

The TotalECG is truly portable and designed to run on battery power for use in any location or room. The TotalECG wirelessly streams ECG data from the patient to a remote computer such as a PC, laptop or Windows tablet. The process is simple:

  • Input patient demographic data into the TotalECG CardioVu.
  • Visualize and verify ECG lead quality via the LCD on the TotalECG device.
  • Input patient demographic data into the TotalECG CardioVu.
  • Generate the study.
• Glasgow 12-lead Analysis at 500 sps
• No Bluetooth® drivers required
• Only Telemed Solutions devices show up in the device list to avoid confusion
• One-click connection process to connect ECG acquisition device to PC for streaming
• Optional 128-bit encryption for secure data on any BT
• Runs on Windows® 7 and 10
• Device works up to 100 ft. away from receiving PC
• Up to nine TotalECG devices are supported (one at a time to each PC); multiple devices will not interfere with one another
• Low-battery icon shows up on the PC screen to alert user
• Supports all popular screen resolutions for tablets, laptops and PCs
• Device goes into sleep mode after three minutes of non-use to save battery life; single key press to wake up
• No power cord or outlet needed eliminating reach issues
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