Hoang Phuc Thanh Trading and Service Company Limited is supplying various solutions of integrated operating room, endoscopic system, specialized instruments and telemedicine equipment. 

We are always ready to support and answer all inquiries from the customers. We also consult the appropriate products which are affordable for every hospital and clinic.  


Our support program includes:

Remote software update

In order to save the cost for the customer, we support to update the system software remotely which helps to improve the processing speed, image quality and new functions for your system. The procedure is normally very fast, simple and safeg. 

Online Training

Hoang Phuc Thanh always put in mind that business ethics must go hand in hand with professional ethics. We not only trades in medical devices, but also trains infection control knowledge to suit our products and organizes various workshops with the leading surgeons worldwide.


Please follow the event news  for more information about the training programs.