Telemedicine deployment model (Part 1)
A vital issue for any technology project is how to apply it into practice through an effective model to solve a problem or a demand in society. Similar to telemedicine, we also ...
Wednesday, 30/09/2020, 16:06 GMT+7
How To Become a Telemedicine Provider
From medical emergencies to ordinary exams, telemedicine is shattering healthcare barriers all over the world. In addition to reducing costs and improving outcomes, virtual health ...
Monday, 14/09/2020, 17:04 GMT+7
Telemedicine 101: Answering your Questions
Lately, we’ve been hearing from providers who want to adopt telemedicine but haven’t run a virtual program before. Correctional leaders have asked how to provide ...
Thursday, 03/09/2020, 09:41 GMT+7
What happens during a telemedicine visit?
Telemedicine (also called telehealth, virtual care, or virtual health) is the use of digital information and communication technologies, such as computers and mobile devices, to ...
Monday, 17/08/2020, 15:30 GMT+7