OR1 AIR Integrated Operating Room

OR1 AIR Integrated Operating Room
OR1 AIR Integrated Operating Room
  • Manage and transmit clear video signals with 4K UHD, 3D and FULL HD resolutions.
  • Live video and voice chat with two-directions real-time notes.
  • Combine with AIDA system for managing and storing patient data.
  • Compact design and intuitive interface.
  • Especially suitable for many purposes - seminar, teaching and research.

OR1 AIR is a modern and lightweight OR integration solution, comprising the modules AIDA and OR1.AVM. The system offer 4K UHD A/V transmission inside the OR as well as documentation and audiovisual communication within the hospital environment, designed to be operated in the most compact design.

Due to its minimal footprint, OR1 AIR enables to take advantages of OR integration without huge investment.

Karl Storz has researched and developed the OR1 AIR integrated operating room system to meet the customer's demands.

Provides a modern and compact integrated operating room.
Performing minimal invasive and conventional surgeries.
The flexible design meets interdisciplinary demands.


Manage and transmit video signals in the operating room with 4K UHD, 3D and FULL HD resolution

Up to 8 signal input and output ports, simultaneously display in PIP / PAP modes on the screen


Manage and store video data and patient images up to 4K UHD from the operating field. The data can be transferred to the hospital's PACS/HIS system.


Surgical images and videos are transmitted out of the operating room with image quality up to FULL HD; fast and accurate response time with two-directions audio communication thanks to the OR1 ™ .avm module


On the touch screen, the surgeon can mark the surgical position to assist in communication, teaching, and consultation. On the other way round, the consultant can mark on the surgical images and transmit back into the room. The online notes are also recorded in the surgery video.

Connection block diagram:


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