The ClearSteth Hosted Software Solution is designed with your needs in mind. With an intuitive interface, teleauscultation is as simple as connecting your chest piece to the PC, opening the application and connecting to the clinician to remotely share high quality heart, lung, and body sounds. ClearSteth is available as a standalone application or as an integrated application in our eNcounter telemedicine software applications. Versatile and secure, users on various networks can access encrypted auscultation connections with the simple press of a button.

ClearSteth is interoperable with the RNK PCP-USB, ThinkLabs One, and 3M Littmann 3200 stethoscopes and delivers clear, crisp sound with filtering capabilities. Throughout your exam, you can control the frequency emphasis on bell or diaphragm ranges on both the sending and receiving sides of the exam.

Stethoscopes supported

RNK PCP-USB, Thinklabs® One, Litmann® 3200


128 Kbps (standalone: RNK and Thinklabs® One stethoscopes)
64 Kbps (standalone: Littman® 3200 stethoscope)
1Mbps download/upload (video conference)


SSL to the eNcounter Server
AES 256-bit for audio over UDP or TCP

RNK Stethoscope filter

Bell, Diaphragm, and Extended

Operating System

Windows® 7 or 10


Intel® Core® i5, Haswell or higher processor running at speeds of 2.4 GHz or higher


Minimum 4 GB; recommended 8 GB or greater when
used for video conferencing

Disk Space

ClearSteth application: 10.5 MB


2.0, 3.0


Sennheiser HD 280 (recommended) or equivalent

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